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preparation of rubber, pressing of rubber, final product

About REO

The line of the business

The line of the business called REO is the production of technical moulding products. The main production programme is pressing of seals, gaskets and waterproofing of metallic products. REO is well-known for its ability to realize specific small-lot orders, such as the construction of drawing documentation, the production of metallic forms (under the terms of its facilities) up to the final products.


REO was founded in 1995 as the response to the market requirements in the field of packing production for hydraulic cylinders.The company, during its existence, has contrived to appeal customers from different industries, whereby it has taken a stable position in the companies, that had to ensure similar kind of products by importation from foreign countries.

Technical equipment

At the production, vulcanization compacting machines are used (with 400x400mm parametres). Technical moulding is pressed under a pressure in vulcanization forms, which have to be made separately for each product.


During the first years of the existence, REO covered the delivery mainly for the customers working at the service of hydraulic cylinders and aggregates. However the assortment has spread pretty and today it includes products from different fields from machine-building up to motor spare parts for the needs of versatile spectrum of customers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic, too.